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Behind the scenes of the production process

Behind the scenes of the production process

On a typical workday at ITALWATT, all staff face daily challenges to provide the best service to customers. Each customer has their own habits, procedures, reflections of the culture, and market to which they refer. However, a common factor is the uncompromising commitment to the quality of the result, compliance with military requirements, and the promptness with which products must be delivered to meet the obligations of the end user.

Each customer has the space to express their goals, the technical needs of the products, and the requirements that the device or system to be created must meet. Sales & Proposal technicians make an initial assessment, drawing on the product catalog and proposing a solution. This is further developed with the engineering office, which builds a documented technical solution that is discussed with the customer. Once the goals are aligned and the road map agreed upon, the design activity begins in earnest, until the construction of prototypes: these will be subjected to careful analysis by the customer, who is responsible for verifying that expectations are met.

Some time is then spent building additional units for sending to an accredited laboratory: it is important to ensure that all requirements are met and that the product is qualified according to military standards.

Meanwhile, Production & Logistics get into the thick of the action: as soon as the project is recognized as meeting all requirements, we are ready to produce them in quantity, just in time for delivery to the customer and installation on the vehicle. We are proud of every single product that comes off our production line: each of them is a testament to a story of collaboration, success, and satisfaction between us and our customers.