Quality and Environmental Policy - Certifications


ITALWATT S.r.l. wants to ensure the fulfillment of the implicit and explicit expectations of the interested parties through the reliable and efficient management of its activities, with constant attention to all environmental and quality problems, in a context of continuous improvement.

To achieve the objectives, Italwatt takes advantage of an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System (SQA) compliant with the requirements of the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, focusing its attention on the quality and environmental sustainability of the services provided to its customers.

The application of the EQS is a tool for:

  • Constantly satisfying the customer by providing services that comply with the requests;
  • Improving the efficiency of the internal organization: ITALWATT aims to provide customers with good quality services within the required timescales, it organized itself with method and a staff trained, aware and involved in drawing up this document;
  • Identifying all the environmental aspects affected by the activities carried out and assess their importance accordingly;
  • Ensure compliance with current environmental regulations;
  • Create communication channels with all interested parties (workers, suppliers, customers, the community, supervisory entities and the public authority) in order to have direct and transparent relationships and allow the collection of comments and suggestions.

ITALWATT through its leadership, therefore does its best to:

  • Spread the Quality and Environment Policy to internal staff and to all interested parties, if requested;
  • Implement the structural and management measures to meet the applicable requirements, to prevent risks and non-conformities and to guarantee an adequate response should these occur during the delivery of the service by our partners;
  • Apply procedures that ensure the prevention of risks for the environment and a high quality standard;
  • Carry out tests and self-checks on the results obtained;
  • Establish close collaboration with its suppliers in order to improve the exchange of information and the level of cooperation, granting the growth of both;
  • Issue continuous improvement plans setting concrete activities and responsibilities, with related measurable objectives, including pollution prevention, with an eye to environmental sustainability.

In defining this commitment ITALWATT considered the following important factors:

  • Context and environmental impacts deriving from the activities carried out,
  • customer needs,
  • organization strategies,
  • binding requirements,
  • needs of interested parties.



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